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Purple Haired Cowboy - Attacks!

2008-07-21 21:39:27 by Blue2

Boy, I've never made a post here before. However I'm planning on starting, because today marks the day of a new era.

Go watch my new animation -

Jack McHavoc Episode 1

Tell me what ya think, and I'll probably tell you what I think about you!

Purple Haired Cowboy - Attacks!


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2008-07-21 22:39:40

Is all the music going to be by Against Me! In every episode?

Nothing against, just wondering. =)

Blue2 responds:

Nah, just a couple. However, at this point I'm not even sure I'll still be doing the series. Hate to be one of THOSE animators, but here I am.


2008-07-21 23:43:50

nice to see u moving on to full body..nice
i love u by the way!!!!

Blue2 responds:

Hey thanks I love you too!


2008-07-23 10:38:54

you changed your problem at least you are good with all of them(well maybe not all cuz you didn't use all but you are good with two at least sticks and full body...)


2008-07-25 08:48:56

Hey it was pretty good man, glad to see you back. You probably don't know me... but I used to be a fan of your shit and then you disappeared lol. Gotta tell you I'm not too sure you're too great on full body yet.. you're much better than I would be I can tell you that but you animate simpler characters better, IMO. But it's cool you're trying something new instead of just sticking to the same thing.


2008-08-08 17:33:35

u did an awesome job on the flash :D


2008-08-26 10:45:48

that was awesome, i used to be a fan of yours until you and you're site disappeared, last thing i remember was you mentioning this like 2 years ago, i'm glad you fially finished it :D


2008-09-17 18:09:35

it's awesome but have much fantasy

he kill a lot of fuck'n guys and don't die!


2008-10-30 04:49:50

i luv it


2008-12-09 16:12:13

wat! why no more stick animations! i loved ur old stick animations!


2010-10-16 21:18:42

this is amazing, i really like it. Some of the camera shots were incredable.
could you by any chance look at my stuff? (stuff thats pixely under my art is an animation, just click full size) kthx bai


2015-12-10 08:06:11